About Me

KimsDevotional-112_1My name is Kim Tabor. I am a musician, speaker, artist, songwriter and worship leader living in Indianapolis. I am really grateful that you are taking the time to explore my blog.

My husband Brian and I have a traveling music & worship ministry that has taken us from coast to coast to sing, lead worship and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ. To find out more visit the website for Tabor Ministries. We are so honored to have the opportunity to share God’s love with people. It is a tremendous blessing to us and we are so grateful.

The title of my blog is Finally Free. I chose that title because of my personal story. I spent many years bound by fear, guilt and low self worth. I bought in to a lie of the enemy and it affected me spiritually, emotionally and physically. It got to the point where I even surrendered my gift and gave up my dream.

Then one day, in His gentle grace, love and mercy, God began a journey of healing in my heart and my life. Ever since that day I have been walking the journey to freedom. Out of that experience I wrote the song “Finally Free” with Brian.

So that is why the title of my blog is Finally Free. I do hope that you will begin to make this journey with me and I thank you for stopping by!

Our Dog, Sophie

I really enjoy spending time outside and getting a chance to exercise with Brian. I also enjoy long walks

with my dog Sophie, the greatest dog in the entire world! She is super smart and has personality to spare! It is amazing how quickly you start to feel amazing things for animals…………

I love to enjoy a great meal in a beautiful setting. I also enjoy traveling with Brian and experiencing new things.

Thank you for visiting my blog. I invite you to join me on the Freedom Journey.

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